* Q: Can I book a (free) trial lesson?
  A: We do not provide lessons for free. Also, while it is possible to buy only one lesson, we do not recommend it (especially not for children of young age). Instead we offer the whole first month of our contract as a trial period, during which we observe, assess and decide if we would continue to work together afterwards. 

* Q: Does the student need to have an instrument in order to take lessons?
  A: Absolutely! Just like you need your voice in order to sing. As the student will be assigned homework they would need an instrument for home practice. Contact us if you don't have one and we would assist you. 

* Q: How can I enrol and reserve my place?
  A: 1. Contact us 2. Make payment

* Q: I cannot attend my lesson. Can I reschedule or get a refund? 
  A: No. Your time slot is reserved in our schedule for you only. Rescheduling or refunds is not possible as per our Terms and Conditions.

* Q: How can I terminate my contract?
  A: The yearly contract can be terminated on 28.02 and 31.08 with one month notice in writing.